A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made in 16 hours

Mac version has no sound

Fixed timing bug so it can be beat on fast pc too now


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List of games

  1. This one - submitted AGDG wj 2016: I never got this into a proper gameplay state. This represents generation 1 of JamOS engine codebase.
  2. JamOS 0.2 - submitted AGDG DD13 Feb 2017: I never got this into a proper gameplay state either. But now it is like an RTS rather than a clicker. It even has unit selection, movement, and health bar. Nothing else though no gameplay no map scrolling no shooting, and the turret angle aiming is messed up. This represents generation 2 of JamOS engine codebase, it is more cohesive.


WinFixed.zip 7 MB
mac_lion.zip 8 MB